Friday, September 11, 2009

Reasons Juggalo's suck!

There white trash kidsand sometimes (minorities who only fit in with trash) who spend all day listening to KKK rejects try & rap!

They think their in a gang... "I guess they's own da trailor parks, huh?!"

Juggalette's make me want to puke! 'Nough said.

They wanna be down and say nigga, but since their white kids who don't wanna get slapped, they refer to each other as "Ninja's" Like "What up my ninja?!"

They have their own "religion"... the "Dark Carnival", look out LDS!
Their often homophobes who suck dick... ironic???
Batman hates Juggalo's!

They think their very small, lame group is taking over. Who the fuck are you kidding, when ICP has never even came close 2 selling a million records & that slut Miley Cyrus can do it with her eyes closed & a dick in her mouth?!
They like to pretend like there's some amazing, secret theology hidden in those terribly shallow lyrics. "I'm steady staring at your sister, I'll tell you this For only 13, she got some big tits" - ICP ... Oh, yeah pedophile clowns, tell us your brillaint thoughts. You fucking kidding me?!
Hey, the Ese's called, they want the look you ruined back!

God, that would be some funny shit if the Surenos squared off with the Juggalo's!
Juggalo's should always walk with their chin down, because their the product of inbreeding.

But since I said so many bad things about these lame fucks, I felt like I needed to name some good things as well, so here goes...

Their always at Burger King when you need to order.
Their plenty fun to rob when they try and sell you weed.
What you really expected this list to go on?...

The moral of this story is Juggalo's are sad inbred losers who will never amount to anything in life and there for deserve to be looked down on.